IPIN LINK33 Default route flap. Wednesday 10th February 2021 17:26:00

IPI Network team have noticed a drop in the default route out from LINK33. Some customers have reported issues between 13.00 and 16:00. This is currently been investigated.

All clear

IPIN Engineers completed worked work last night at 23:04 .

Both the routine maintenance (replacing one fault domain with armoured cables) and moving transit over to the new core completed successfully - with no unexpected impact to customers services - incident is still be watched by operations until the all clear.

IPIN engineers working last night and this morning have identified that one of our core routers has some faulty control plane memory. The device is routing packets successfully to most destinations however some destinations which use the default route are seeing packet loss.

Currently customers are advised to reroute traffic and trunks away from LINK33 until this issue is resolved.

Additionally we will be scheduling an Emergency maintenance this evening - extending the one already planned for tonight (11/2) - notification to follow.